Thursday, July 21, 2011

衛香蓮教授-Profile of Professor Xianglian Wei美國太極拳學會榮譽顧問

Profile of Professor Xianglian Wei 衛香蓮教授簡歷---美國太極拳學會榮譽顧問

Professor Xianglian Wei holds martial arts level of 7 duan, is the senior lecturer in martial arts, and the current deputy director of Fujian Hua Wu Center, Fuzhou Hua Wu Martial Arts Guidance Center.

Professor Wei started martial arts teaching since 1971, participated in martial arts research activities, and served as the editorial board and wrote entries in the book "Introduction to Sports Appreciation." She co-edited with National Senior Coach of Martial Arts Master Nailiang Zeng the book called "Six Hand Tai Chi Gong", a book translated into English, Japanese and spread widely at home and abroad. In the CN-level journals, she published the papers, "On the Competitive Tai Chi and Fitness Tai Chi ", "Players of Martial Arts" and "Sociological Research on Tai Chi in the Region of Kanagawa, Japan" and many other martial arts articles and papers, gained praises from the martial arts experts. In addition, she also participated in the filming of "Series of Tai Chi", "Chinese Tai Chi Spectrum", etc. as a teaching assistant for martial arts.

Since 1999 she served as director of the Fuzhou Hua Wu Martial Arts Guidance Center. In 2003, she also served as deputy director of Fujian Hua Wu Martial Arts Center, a center with more than 1,300 members. She would give regular trainings, seminars, performances, and other activities as a volunteer to teach martial arts and promote tai chi at home and abroad.

She has been invited to Japan, Canada, and United States to give lectures, and was widely praised. She was awarded with "Martial Arts Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Canadian Federation of Martial Arts, appointed by the Canadian "Friends of Tai Chi Association" as Honorary Officer, and by the Japanese Sanin and Kanagawa Martial Arts Tai Chi Federation as guide lecturer and technical consultant.






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