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Profile of Master Nai-Liang Zeng 曾乃梁教授

美國太極拳學會榮譽會長- Master Nai-Liang Zeng 曾乃梁教授

Master Nai-Liang Zeng is the national senior coach of Chinese martial arts, and the national martial arts referee. He holds level of 9 duan, the highest martial arts duan level in China. He was originally the head coach of Fujian Martial Arts Team, and is currently a member of the Chinese Martial Arts Association, the advisor of Fujian Martial Arts Association, and the director of the Center of Fujian Hua Wu Martial Arts Center. He has been awarded the National Honorary Medal for outstanding achievements.

Has started learning martial arts at age 12, admitted to the Beijing Martial Arts Physical Education Department (now the Beijing Sport University) in 1959, graduated in 1964, and finished graduate school in 1967. He was the chief leader of the Chinese Martial Arts Team for World Martial Arts Championships Tournament in 1991. He was the head coach of Chinese team for the 4th China – Japan Tai Chi Tournament in 1992. He was awarded by the State Council the Certificates of Outstanding Contributions to Social Science in 1993. In the same year he became the chief coach for Chinese martial arts team for First East Asian tournament. He was the Korean team leader for the Second World Martial Arts Game and later was presented with the Appreciation Plaque from Korean Martial Arts Association. He was the Chinese team leader for the Fifth China – Japan Tai Chi Tournament and the First International Tai Chi Invitational. In 1994, he attended the 12th Asian Tournament in Hiroshima as the head coach of Chinese Martial Arts team. In 1995, He was named one of the "Top Ten Contemporary Chinese Martial Arts Instructors". In the same year he was engaged as the General Assembly mentor for the Second World Conference of Tai Chi practitioners. In 1996 He won the Award of “Contributions to World Tai Chi Science and Technology”. In the same year he went to Manila to be the coach for Asian martial arts referee training classes, and later became the coach for Philippines national team and attended the fourth Asian Martial Arts Championship. In 1997 he served as the Indonesian national team coach in Jakarta. In 2001 he was invited by the Chinese Martial Arts Association to perform and provide expert counseling for the First World Tai Chi and Health Conference in Sanya. In 2004 he was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award for Martial Artists” by the Martial Arts Association of Canada. In 2008 he was awarded "Lifetime Achievement Award of Chinese Martial Arts” by the Chinese Martial Arts Organized Committee. In the same year he was recognized as "the Master of the Highest level of Ten Duan for the International Martial Arts" by the World Martial Arts Research Federation. In 2009 he was named "The Top Ten Person of the Year for Chinese Martial Arts."

He organized Fujian Martial Arts Team in 1977 and served as head coach. He personally trained the athletes who then won over a hundred times in the national martial arts championship tournaments. The Men's team winning 32 gold medals in Tai Chi competition (Grand Slam), including gold medalist the "Prince of Tai chi” of Sitan Chen. The Women's team winning 32 gold medals in Tai chi competition (Grand Slam), including the gold medalist, "Tai Chi Goddess" of Jiamin Gao. Dantong Wei won woman’s gold medalist in Spear Technique. Huiling Wang won Nanquan gold medalist and was named the "New Nanquan Champion," Qiuping Lin who was six times gold medalist for the National Competition and three times gold medalist for the Women's International Tai Chi Martial Arts Invitational was known as "Flower of Tai Chi". Juhsien Wu won gold medalist for Men’s Nanquan champion. There are a large number of winning famous domestic athlethes, professors, associate professors, and senior coaches.

Professor Zeng has very high academic attainments in martial arts theories. His papers published in 1987 won the top prize from the Ffirst National Martial Arts Conference - Excellence Award of the Conference. Many papers published in foreign languages have a significant impact at home and abroad. He was engaged as the editorial board for the "Encyclopedia of Chinese Martial Arts. He co-authored with Xianglian Wei the booklet called "Introduction to Tai Chi". He was commissioned by the Chinese Martial Arts Research Institute, to provide teaching materials for training advance and intermediate level coaches and to offer lectures. He helped compiling "Tai Chi Sword Competition Routine," and was involved in the work of "Tai Chi Sword Competition Rules" revision. He planned, scripted, wrote and guided his disciples in the producing of Tai Chi series of videos, VCD, DVD, widely circulated at home and abroad. Professor Zeng's point of views like, Tai Chi Four Stages of Teaching and Training Ideas, the Top Ten Teaching Tai Chi Point of View, a Balance of Yin and Yang in Tai Chi, as well as unification on the composed Tai Chi routines, the expression of "Tai Chi Languages" in movement, "to practice Tai Chi moves with heart", “to flourish between Quan and feelings", and "I am Tai Chi", are deeply embraced by the tai chi enthusiasts.

He was sent by the Chinese Martial Arts Association and the Sports Federation of Fujian Province several times to Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Canada, the United States and Hong Kong to give lectures or lead his unit for performances, and was well received when he served as the chief referee of international martial arts competition. 

He is the Honorary President of Jason Tai Chi Academy - 美國太極拳學會榮譽會長








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  1. I have been trying to buy a book with DVD on Taiji Fan by Master Zng Nai Liang and his daughter Zeng Wei Hong. Can anyone please assist? I am from Singapore.Thank you.

    Terence Tseng