Thursday, May 7, 2009

WORLD TAICHI DAY - APRIL 25th 2009 Houston--Taichi sword Performance 太極劍演練

WORLD TAICHI DAY --- April 25th 2009---世界太極日---集體劍術表演--隊員有老,中,青各年齡的参與

WORLD TAICHI DAY--Taichi Fan Performance 太極功夫扇演練

WORLD TAICHI DAY-April 25th 2009- 世界太極日--40名學員集體表演功夫扇

Taichi Fan Performance 太極功夫扇演練

WORLD TAICHI DAY ---Taichi Kung Fu Fan performance 太極功夫扇 集體表 演
The "SWCBC Taiji Club 西南華人浸信會的太極社" will conclude all it's activity after May 30th 2009 and the coach Jason Leung will not teach any more Tai Chi (Taiji) in this location. Master Jason Leung would like to say thanks to all friends and pastors who had supported this Taichi sport ministry during the past 6 years in this church location.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Taichi sword Performance 太極劍演練

Taichi sword performance太極劍演練 : 弓步直刺 Bow stance and thrust sword

Performance in Hermann Park, Rose Garden玉女穿梭

Tai Chi Performance: Fair Lady weaves shuttles 玉女穿梭

Golden Rooster stands on one leg 金雞獨立

Performance: Golden gooster stands on one leg 金雞獨立

世界太極日 World TaiChi Day -Houston Councilmember Jolanda Jones proclaiming April 25th 2009 as World Tai Chi Day

All Tai Chi Masters and Councilmember Jolanda Jones during the opening ceremony市議員代表休斯頓市長Bill White宣告世界太極日活動的開幕式