Saturday, November 6, 2010

Performance at the APAHA --- ASIA/PACIFIC AMERICAN HERITAGE ASSOCIATION -- at discovery Green Park

Performing Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan 太極功夫扇--- this posture is called Golden rooster stands on one leg 獨立開扇 --- this is a Tai Chi Exercise which needs a good balance and equilibrium in order to reach the posture required. With the left root of palm pushing upward, right wrist power opening the fan inward, standing on left leg with the right knee above the waist level. After practicing Tai Chi empty hands for 18 months (1 hour minimum a day), one can handle the Tai Chi Fan technique with additional 15 hours learning. The more rapid movement shows the combination of slow motion Tai Chi and Shaolin boxing martial arts. There is a lot of speedy twisting, turning, bending, spinning movements without losing the balance.

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