Saturday, November 6, 2010

Performance at the APAHA --- ASIA/PACIFIC AMERICAN HERITAGE ASSOCIATION -- at discovery Green Park

Tai Chi sword performance ---- sword is an exercise which needs a more advanced level learning of Tai Chi to perform. It requires all the empty hands postures of Tai Chi well coordinated in order to have a good presentation. Every single movement shows the utmost techniques and balances of Tai Chi. 太極劍表達出拳劍技巧與身體動作的高難度之配搭----圖片展示:--- 轉身回抽劍---是一個180度轉身,回頭,後座,虛步, 鬆腰, 落胯, 垂肘, 沉肩等動作的配合 做本勢下抽劍時要立劍向下, 向後走孤線抽回, 下劍刃着力, 定勢時劍杷抽至胯後, 右臂微屈, 眼看劍指, 腕與肩平.

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