Saturday, February 5, 2011

Honorary Advisors/Masters of Jason Tai Chi Academy 太極拳學會榮譽顧問及教授

Master Sitan Chen 陳思坦 --- Honorary Advisor of Jason Tai Chi Academy. 美國休士頓太極拳學會榮譽顧問。 He was the two times World Tai Chi Champion 世界太極拳金牌冠軍 and Gold medals' winner of 32 International Championship and China National tournaments 共獲32枚大賽金牌, He is the Director of Wushu Association of China 中國武術協會委員. He obtained the title as " Prince of Tai Chi" 榮膺太極王子 and the title of one of 100 most prominent Martial Artists in China 中華武林百杰. He scheduled to host a training for our students every year in Houston. We constantly receive technical advises from him. He also introduces different Tai Chi & Qi-gong Grand Masters to the Jason Tai Chi Academy for workshops and training. Link:

Master Peng Zheng Ting 彭正庭--- Honorary Advisor of Jason Tai Chi Academy. 美國休士頓太極拳學會榮譽顧問。 He is the Vice-Chairman of Guangzhou Wushu Association 中國廣州市武術協會副主席, President of Guangdong Choy Le Fut Chuan Association 中國廣東省南拳蔡李佛拳總會會長, Wushu 8th Dan of China Wushu Association 中國國家武術八段, China National Martial ArtsTaichi Judge 中國國家級裁判, Former Vice-chair of Guangdong Province Wushu Association原中國廣東省武術協會副主席. His participation strengthens the Martial Arts (Wushu) training in Jason Tai Chi Academy. Through the high tech of media, he would communicate with us from time to time through internet.

Professor Men Hui Feng 門惠豐 --- After meeting him in Tianjin天津 during the World Chin Woo Centennial Anniversary Assembly世界精武大會, in February 2011 he gladly accepted our invitation to assist Jason Tai Chi Academy in Tai Chi and Martial Arts activities. He is the Assessor of our technical problems in Tai Chi and Martial Arts. He is the ninth Dan of China Wushu Association 中國國家武術九段 and Wushu Professor of Beijing Sport University; He is the Founder of Dong Yue taiji Quan ( 東岳太極拳 ) Institute. He co-edited the 48 form ( 48 拳)in 1979 and the 42 form Tai Chi Chuan (42 拳)competition forms in 1989. He was one of the chief editors of 4 national competition forms in 1988 (Yang, Chen, Sun and Wu styles). He claimed the Sun Style 73 Tai Chi form (孫式 73 拳) was one of best styles which he ever designed. His wife, Professor Kan Gui Xiang闞桂香, was the co-editor of 42 sword (42劍)competition form. She is the founder of Beijing Chen style Taiji Quan research Institute and is the honorary president of Dong Yue Taijiquan. She is also the ninth Dan of China Wushu Association中國國家武術九段.