Saturday, October 31, 2009

JASON TAICHI ACADEMY 太極拳學會参與國際節演出太極拳競賽套路

太極拳學會演練太極拳招式---右蹬腳---動作訓練身體獨立平衡及右腿提起蹬出, 勁度集中於右腳跟, 左右手分別孤型向前後拍打對手, 是一個攻擊的動作
Performing "RIGHT HEEL KICK"--- for balance training---(1) Sink your weight into your left leg. Cross your wrists, the right outside the left.(2) Your waist turns right and your left foot pivots on the heel 45 degrees to the right.(3) Shift all your weight forward into your left leg, turning your hands palms outwards. (4) Open both hands out slowly like a fan, the right hand to be the shoulder height, the left hand at the left ear height, palms facing away. (5) Now raise your right leg with the right knee goes upward. (6) Slowly swing out your right calf applying force on the right heel. (7) The right heel kicks diagonally away. (8) Try to maintain the right leg at the waist height.(9) Right arm and right leg should be in the same direction. (10) Watch your opponent through the middle or index finger of your right hand.

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